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Flo-Coat Steel Tubing

Sonco Worldwide was founded in 1976, by Sonny Long in Bladensburg, MD (just outside of Washington, DC). We began as a manufacturing and distribution company supplying contractors in the metropolitan area. Sonco quickly captured a large market share and began to expand, opening branches in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, as well as Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Sonco manufactures, fabricates and ships material across the U.S. and abroad.

In 1998 the mechanical tube division of Sonco Worldwide was born. Sonco Tube supplies mechanical tubing products to a wide variety of industries from Maine to North Carolina. Our tube products include Flo-Coat, Telespar, Gatorshield, Oval Tube, custom fabrication and swaging capabilities, and much more. Our work force continues to grow and we have a fleet of trucks for immediate delivery. Our galvanized steel tubing inventory is immense and diverse, as we handle a wide variety of products and services.

Check out our full line of tubing products or contact one of our Sonco Tube professionals who are standing by to provide additional information or to provide a free quotation for your next tubing project.

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