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General OEM and Industrial Market
200,000 miles of mechanical tube a year Allied´s Mechanical Division product and service capabilities.
Weight per Foot Specifications Outside diameter and wall thickness manufacturing range.
Tectron Tube Division The product and service capabilities of our commercial quality division.
Frame and Awning Market
Gatorshield® for Outdoor Structures Gatorshield® tubing outperforms aluminum for outdoor structures.
Gatorstitch The only steel-based staple-in framing system for the awning and canopy industry.
Farmstead/Dairy Market
Agri-Tube 60™ from Allied Galvanized steel tubing developed exclusively for the dairy industry.
Farmstead Products Allied´s tubing outperforms schedule 40 pipe in every aspect of farmstead applications.
Carport/Metal Building Market
All Metal Poultry Housing Poultry Housing with Gatorshield® Galvanized Steel Tubing.
Flo-Coat 50™ Steel Tubing The product of choice for carports and other portable metal buildings.
Super Strength 65 Steel Tubing Extremely strong with a minimum yield strength of 65,000 psi.
Construction Market
Galvanized Steel Tubing for Construction Steel tubing will not rot, shrink, split or warp, and is non-combustible.
Recreational Structures (Playground) Market
Play Has Never Been So Colorful Allied´s RS-20 and RS-40 have become industry standards.
Conveyor Market
Tubing for Roller Conveyors Why Engineer your Conveyor System around a Tube...
When We Can Engineer Our Tube for Your System!
Trailer Market
Gatorshield® Tubing for Trailer Construction Why Specify Allied Gatorshield® Tubing for Trailer Construction?

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