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Allied Qwik Coat Tubing

Allied Qwik Coat for steel tubes
Primed Tube Ready to be Welded...Painted...Powder Coated
Allied's Qwik-Coat Provides the Following User Advantages Over Typical Oil-Coated Tube Products... Qwik-Coat Provides the Following User Advantages Over Typical Oil-Coated Tube Products:
  • Qwik-Coat provides a commercial quality or zinc substrate which will readily accept a wide range of liquid or powder topcoats.*
  • Qwik-Coat eliminates pre-cleaning** or degreasing of the tube's surface... the pre-primed tube arrives ready to process.
  • Qwik-Coat provides a uniform and consistent topcoat due to a smooth primer substrate finish.
  • Qwik-Coat exhibits excellent fabrication characteristics...normal manufacturing operations will not affect the primer coating.
  • Qwik-Coat allows for normal welding additional welding preparations are required.***
  • Qwik-Coat provides comparable humidity and corrosion resistance to oil-coated commercial quality products.
  • Qwik-Coat is available from both Harvey (Chicago) and Philadelphia production facilities.
  • Tube & pipe sizes up to 5" OD - 22 to 7 gaugeTube & pipe sizes up to 5" OD - 22 to 7 gauge

* Qwik-Coat provides excellent inter-coat adhesion properties to most thermo-set powder coatings, as well as to the following air dry and bake topcoats:

  • High bake thermoset acrylic 350ºF at 15 minutes
  • High bake alkyd 350ºF at 15 minutes
  • Air-dry acrylic vinyl
  • Air-dry latex
  • Water reducible alkyd
  • Nitrocellosolve lacquer
  • Air-dry alkyd
  • High bake polymer 350ºF at 15 minutes
  • 2 part urethane
  • All topcoats should be tested to insure proper adhesion characteristics. Qwik-Coat samples are readily available upon request.

** Qwik-Coat will not affect or contaminate normal cleaning tanks and/or processing operations.

*** Allied's Qwik-Coat primer tube is an organic based coating. In welding, this organic coating could generate fumes irritating to the welder if proper ventilation procedures are not followed. Removal of this coating is recommended and easily accomplished.

The tube should be cleaned back from the end to be welded; a minimum of 2" for arc welding, 4" for gas welding.

Sand with a flapper wheel or by hand ("Scotch-Brite" cleaning, finishing materials and systems from 3M or "Beartex," a non-woven abrasive wheel by Norton is suggested.) Personal breathing filters are recommended to avoid inhalation of dust and related coating particulates. Wire brushing and grinding wheels are not effective.

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