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Super Strength 65 Galvanized Steel Tubing

Super Strength 65 steel tubing

Allied's Super Strength 65 galvanized steel tubing has been developed exclusively for carports and other portable metal structures. This extremely strong, corrosion-resistant tubing gets its superior properties from our unique Flo-Coat® manufacturing process.

The Flo-Coat® Process

Super Strength 65 and the Flo-Coat Process The Flo-Coat® process begins with high-carbon steel, cold-formed for extra strength and then high frequency welded. After welding, the tube passes through three coating baths - first, a layer of 99.9% pure zinc bonds to the tubing, and is followed by a conversion coating. The third coating is an application of clear organic polymer to "seal" the surface. This topcoat gives the tube long-lasting surface brightness in addition to superior corrosion resistance. The result is an exceptionally bright, attractive finish with unmatched strength and durability. The added strength is achieved by the cold-forming, then heating and quick cooling of the steel, which enhances the mechanical properties of the tubing. Super Strength 65 says it all - we guarantee our tubing has a minimum yield strength of 65,000 PSI. This is 30% stronger than our standard galvanized tube products. When compared to competitive pregalvanized tube, the difference is even greater! Pregalvanized tube products only advertise "target" yield strengths - not guaranteed minimums. This extra strength can allow you to use a lighter gauge product without sacrificing load considerations. That can mean big savings for you. See what a difference Super Strength tubing can make! With increased structural rigidity, greater load- carrying capacity and impact resistance, structures built with Super Strength 65 will be durable and attractive for years to come!

Available Sizes

Super Strength 65 tubing is available in three sizes - 2-1/4" O.D. square, 13 & 15 gauge, and 2" x 3" rectangle tubing, 15 gauge. Other sizes will be added as the market demand warrants.

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