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GatorShield Applications - Vine Training System

A vineyard was looking for a way to reduce labor costs on regular maintenance.

The newly patented vine training system from Allied Tube & Conduit.

The vine training system was designed to improve overall efficiency during installation and maintenance of a vineyard stake. The system consists of a stake and end post made from our industry leading Gatorshield® tubing, which provides outstanding strength and corrosion resistant properties. The vineyard training system features a large number of laser cut openings along the length of the stake, making it easy to position and re-position the wire when adjusting for vine growth. The strength of the material and pointed end also made post installation much less labor intensive.In addition to the labor savings, the vineyard owner also benefitted from reduced material costs. The system also eliminates the need for a special clip typically associated with an off-the-shelf post. The longevity of the Gatorshield tubing provided a much more durable product than their current vine support methods saving on replacement costs.

GatorShield Applications - Vine Training System Spec Sheet

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