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Why Galvanized Tubing

Flat, square, oval galvanized steel tubing

Why Galvanized Tubing

Galvanizing (zinc coating) has been used to protect iron and steel from rusting for over one hundred years. Galvanizing protects steel from rusting (which it tends to do almost immediately if bare) by forming a protective barrier between the steel and the environment, like paint does. But galvanizing goes one giant step further than paint; in addition to forming a protective barrier, it provides sacrificial protection of the steel. Steel is more electro-negative than zinc. This electronic flow from zinc to steel will reduce the corrosion rate of the steel while increasing that of the zinc. The zinc coating is thus sacrificed to prevent the corrosion of the steel at breaks in the zinc surface. Galvanizing protects the steel even when the coating is damaged. Steel which is exposed to the weather or receives rough treatment in which coatings are physically damaged will remain free of rust five to ten times longer when the steel is galvanized instead of painted. Due to lower maintenance and longer life, galvanized steel is a premium product, and should be sold at a higher price than a painted product.

Galvanizing, therefore, provides electrochemical protection of steel in addition to forming a protective barrier. Allied's unique triple coat zinc galvanizing process provides an end product that can easily be welded, fabricated or powder coated. Allied's clear polymer topcoat reduces the general corrosion rate of the zinc, and it allows the zinc to be more effective in protecting uncoated edges through the self-sacrificial galvanic effect.

Check out more on the galvanized tube coating process to learn more, or dive into some specific product information such as Flo-Coat ® Steel Tubing or Gatorshield ® coating. Our Sonco Tube professionals are standing by to provide additional information or to provide a free quotation for your next tubing project.

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